Dump Your Scrap Car And Tidy Up Your Garden This Summer

Clear The Junk Out of Your Garden This Summer

Scrap Cars 4 Cash Birmingham – Summer Garden Tips

Summer is a period when most plants grow rapidly so they must be taken care of frequently. Without proper care, the plants will dry up. Here are some great summer gardening tips to ensure your plants stay in top shape.

Water Frequently
The atmosphere will be hot most days which means that the evaporation rates will be really high. This is why you should water your plants frequently. If you have any flowers that are heat sensitive you can water them early in the morning and late in the evening. Ensure you spray the leaves with some water if the mid-morning to early afternoon period gets too hot.

For potted plants, you can keep the pots wet to ensure the plant gets enough moisture.

Check Irrigation Systems
If you do not water your plants by hand but use an irrigation system instead, always ensure that you check that it is working properly. At times there may be leaks that cause some plants to fail to get water and this will cause them to dry up.

Make Use Of Fertiliser
Since some budding plants or seedlings may get affected by the intense heat, it is advisable to add fertiliser to the soil or the water. These nutrients will ensure that the plants do not lose their own nutrients due to the sunshine.

Reserve Gardening For Cooler Hours
If you want to take out weeds or prune any shrubs, do this when it is cooler in the evenings or in the morning before 9 am. This will prevent your skin from getting irritations from heat. It is also advisable to wear a gardening hat.  Another great resource for the garden are garden tents, providing shade when its too warm, and rain cover when the British summer does what the British summer does, and that is rain.  There are lots of great online resources for garden tents, like Careful Gardener Garden Tents.

Make Use Of Shading Plants
These are plants that will provide shade to any new seedlings. Plant the seedlings in a place where they will be protected from the hot afternoon sun by leafy plants.

Remember your garden is not a junk yard, so if you have old cars that need someone to move them for you, just call your local used car dealer or scrap yard.

Thinking About Scrapping Your Old Car?

Scrap Cars for Pound Notes

At Scrap Cars 4 Cash Birmingham we specialise in dealing with cars, ice cream vans, tractors and lorries once they’re past their sell by date.

We have a large network of partners looking for parts from vehicles new and old, and what may be 24 karat junk to you, may be of some value to us – how much just remains to be seen, and to honest it can be a real waiting game, but in life it pays to be patient.

So, if you’ve got something there that has failed its annual Vehicle Health Check, the MOT or PSV let us know, and we can call around and see if its worth some money.