How to Choose the Cheapest Taxi Service in India

Calling a cab has never been this easy before! With so many online cab services available in India today, you cannot afford to be late for a meeting or avoid going out if it rains. There is a cab for every season and all the reasons. Companies like Uber, Ola, Meru and Taxi for Sure have literally changed the face of taxi services across India.

Today, there are plenty of apps to book a cab on the go. To be honest, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the taxi services, vehicle variants, and fare. You have a plethora of options in all the leading Indian cities. Of course, you want the cheapest taxi services in amritsar for regular commute plus comfort and safety ensured. So, here’s a list of the best taxi services in India you can choose from:

  • Meru Cabs

Meru is perhaps the first of its kind of taxi services in India,  established in 2007. Today, Meru owns more than 6000 vehicles and offers quality services. Sophisticated, convenient, safe, and timely services are some of the characteristic features of this company. As an industry veteran, the company still maintains its best qualities in this competitive market. You can enjoy flexible payment options and timely reminders with Meru Cabs.

Average Fare: Rs. 27 for the first kilometer
After 1st Kilometer: Rs. 20/km after the first kilometer

Waiting Charges: Rs. 2/min

  • Uber Cabs

Uber is the most favored online taxi services in India. Often compared to its direct rival – the kaali-peeli premier taxis, Uber has an assorted fleet of taxis and plenty of options. From hatchbacks to sedans, you are spoilt for choice. Uber claims to be the cheapest taxi services in India today. It is easily available through the app. Uber ensures customer travel safety, good conditioned and maintained vehicles, proficient drivers, and GPS enabled rides.

Average Fare: Rs.100
Fare after 4th Kilometer: Rs.11/km

Waiting charges: Zero

  • Ola Cabs

Ola is fastest taxi service you could ask for. Established in 2010, Ola offers the best range of vehicles and excellent service.  You can book a taxi within a fraction of second. The user-friendly interface of Ola offers instant confirmations. With more than 9000 plus registered cabs in its kitty, Ola is rising high in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Average Fare: Rs.100
Fare after 4th Kilometer: Rs.11/km

Waiting charges: Zero

  • Easy Cab

Easy Cabs offers excellent and prompt taxi services with dearer first few kilometer fares. As you ride first 3 Km, the fare starts dropping. It is the best option for quick transfers. Easy cabs offer efficient and fast services with special add-ons for business travelers, corporate, regular travelers etc. Experience a ride in luxury chauffeur driven cars or opt for self-driven intercity rentals at the best price.

Average Fare: Rs.27
Rate after 1st Kilometer: Rs.20/km

Waiting charges: Rs.2/min

  • Tab Cabs

Tab Cab offers you the advantage of booking a cab from your tab. You can book a cab on the go for a regular ride or opt for bulk booking too. A great app supports Mumbai at this moment. The company is likely to expand to other cities too. Both iOS and Android users can download this app.

Average Fare: Rs.90
Rate after 4th Kilometer: Rs.22/km

Waiting charges: Rs.2.20/min

You can also try other local cab services which offers great rates.